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Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

Interested in pursuing a management degree to climb the ranks in engineering?

This online Master of Engineering degree is designed for working professionals. It’s also a great fit for senior-level undergraduates looking to begin their graduate journey. This professional degree will prepare you to be a better manager. You’ll learn the applied management skills necessary to move up within your organization or branch out and become an entrepreneur.

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Expertise and Leadership

This 30-credit program is a coursework-only, professional path of study focused on management and leadership. There are no research requirements.



Design Your Capstone Project

Your capstone project will ideally incorporate something you are already doing at work to showcase your technical and managerial expertise.



Multiple Engineering Disciplines

The program requires 15 credits of engineering coursework from at least one of the following disciplines: agricultural, civil, electrical, general/industrial, or mechanical.



Flexible and Affordable

Talk about a smart investment! You can pursue your online SDState Master of Engineering degree from anywhere, on your own time.

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